About Us

The European Defence and Security Conference returns for its fourth edition in 2024, continuing to address the current challenges faced by the European Union, its Member States and the European industry in the realm of defence and security. The conference serves as a platform for in-depth discussions between high-level stakeholders, including EU and Member State high-level policy-makers, civil society and leaders of European defence companies.

The conference is organised by Business Bridge Europe (BBE) and logos public affairs. BBE is a specialised consultancy firm with 15 years of experience in European public affairs, with a focus on space, defence and energy. Logos is a global public affairs and communication agency with 25 years of experience in various policy areas, including transport, mobility, defence, space, and aviation.

BBE and logos merged in 2023 and are part of the mci group. Together they aim to provide an unparalleled platform for delving into the challenges surrounding technological and industrial collaboration within the European defence and security ecosystem.

Contact us at defencesecurityconference@b-bridge.eu

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