European Defence face off geopolitical realities

The ambitions of the annual European Defence and Security Conference is to contribute to shedding light on the issues and challenges raised by the gradual establishment of a European defence and security ecosystem. An ecosystem that is autonomous in its organisation and decision-making, with efficient equipment largely based on European cutting-edge technologies and a high- performance armaments industry, fulfilling the needs of European armies and ensuring the security of Europe and its citizens, as well as participating in transatlantic security and beyond.

With several key programmes and frameworks such as the Strategic Compass and the European Defence Fund having been established, focus is now shifting to their implementation, as well as to new objectives, potentially calling for new initiatives and new tools, crucial for the European Defence and Security Strategy, this will be at the heart of the2nd European Defence and Security Conference.

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Business Bridge Europe is a boutique consultancy firm specialising in issues of key strategic importance for the European Union and its countries and citizens, such as European space policy, European aeronautic policy, Energy and Climate Policies, etc. and with a long track record in shedding light on these crucial matters. In this approach, BBE has launched, in 2021 a new cycle of annual conferences devoted to the challenges of technological and industrial cooperation in the defence and security domains.

This cycle of conferences, like other BBE events, is designed to provide an opportunity for debates on issues of key importance to the European Union and its Members States, their public entities, their economic and civil society actors, between high- level political representatives from across European Member States and EU institutions, as well as CEOs and leaders of European companies of all sizes from the sector and beyond.

“ We have initiated new capabilities and industrial projects over the past years. Time has now come to bring European defence to a next level. This is first and foremost about ensuring our freedom of action to defend our interest and values. ”

Thierry Breton
Commissioner for Internal Market
1st edition of the European Defence & Security conference
8 November 2021

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